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Selling tickets with us is quick and simple, it only takes a few minutes to create an account and you can start to use our box office system right away.

When you register all we need are your full name, bank account number, sort code, email address and you're ready to go.

Click the ‘upgrade my account’ button at the bottom of this page to become a ticket seller with us and start selling tickets today!

Underground tickets overview

  • Selling tickets with us is free!
  • There are no setup charges
  • No cost to you, the event organiser
  • We pay all your credit card charges and pay you the full face value ticket price
  • Our service charge is passed on to the customer with a 10% booking fee added on top of your ticket price.
  • There's no minimum commitment period and we're non exclusive - you can use us along with any other box office or ticket seller
  • We give you live sales figures & total ticket control, 24 hours a day

How our ticketing system Works:

  • Our custom-built box office system generates a unique reference code for all tickets
  • Each ticket has the name and address of the customer, your event name, and the reference code clearly isplayed on the ticket.
  • The customer can choose to download and print an electronic ticket (commonly abbreviated as e-ticket).
  • Or for those who prefer to buy traditional paper tickets (Physical Tickets), we can print & dispatch a ticket for them.
  • We print the customer’s ticket details onto secure watermarked paper, using our ticket print facility and send it to them via Royal Mail.
  • *All tickets sold appear on your ticket sales list

Sales lists for ticket door checking

All tickets sold for your event are added to your ticket sales list, located in your user control panel. This is to e downloaded on the day of your event when the ticket sale has closed.

The list is in CSV format (spreadsheet) and displays all the ticket holders’ names, address’s, and the unique eference codes for sold tickets.

When the ticket is delivered to the customer, they are instructed to hand the ticket in to the event door staff.

When this happens the door staff are to cross reference their ticket details with the sales list before allowing them entry.

Complete sales control

When you list tickets with us you have total control 24hours a day via the user control panel, all ticket information is inputted is by you.

You decide how many tickets we are allowed to sell and how much you wish to charge per ticket.

Monitoring sales progress for your tickets is quick and easy thanks to our user friendly control panel system.

You can keep track of how many tickets you have sold, how much revenue has been generated so far and see who has purchased a ticket for each event.

Taking Payments

We take payments securely online with Sage and streamline.

Start to sell tickets now!

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